We’re Out

After two hard played matches, our alliance has lost in the quarter finals. Great job Teams 3616, 5002, and 5437! Good luck to the rest of the teams competing!

Tournament Time!

Team 5437 finished the qualification matches Rank 18 over all and Rank 5 for OPR.

Our Team was chosen as the first pick by Team 3616 Team Phenomenon, and the second pick was 5002 Dragon Robotics.

Lunch Time!

It’s a lot to feed this many teenagers and keep them entertained, lucky for us the mentors took us to All Aboard in Little Rock, Arkansas! We enjoyed watching the trains bring us our food, and it was definitely a cool stop on today’s trip.

On Our Way to the Capitol and Rock City Regional

Today is load in for the teams attending the 2019 Rock City Regional in Little Rock, Arkansas. Team 5437 is making a stop at the Arkansas Capitol Building on our way to load in. We wish luck to all the teams competing this week all all the competitions! Everyone out on the road, have all safe drive. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Introducing the Rocky Balboabots Rookie Academy

After two successful years mentoring Rookie Teams (7106 MPV StingerBots and 7568 Tro-Bots), we have decided to introduce the Rocky Balboabots Rookie Arena, a place where rookie FIRST Robotics teams can come for assistance with all their robot and competition needs. We look forward to a future of mentoring more new teams, and happily outstretch our arms, welcoming those who would like some assistance.

Working On The Elevator

Today our team began work on the elevator mechanism for this year’s robot, particularly mentor David Corley and student Josh Reddy. David reached his hand out to our promising student, including him in the process of constructing our robot and passing down skills in project management and implementation. The teamwork between the two was very evident, and many smiles were flashed by not only the participants, but also the onlookers, a sense of inclusion and learning floating throughout the build area. The two spent several hours assembling the design, and a generation gap was bridged through the help of FIRST Robotics. It is moments like these when one realizes just how much being on a team can impact lives and better the futures of many. 

Rock City Regional 2018 Change in State Award

At the 2018 Rock City Regional in Little Rock, Arkansas our team received quite the unusual award. Imagine this: You are sitting in the stands with your team, anxiously awaiting to hear your team’s name announced as an award winner. Most of the awards are gone, and they have made it to Judge’s Award. As the description is read, something unexpected happens. It is announced that this year, for this regional, the Judge’s Award would be know as the “Change in State Award” to eminent this team’s work not only in their community, but all throughout the state. The speaker continues reading, and subtle hints are dropped throughout: “Autism Spectrum Workforce Evolution” the biggest hint of them all. You can feel the excitement rising among your peers. Then you hear, “Team 5437 the Rocky Balboabots!” You are ecstatic and rise to your feet, floating on cloud nine as you descend the stairs and high-five students and judges, beaming the entire time.

We are honored to receive this award and we thank everyone who has helped us along the way; our generous sponsors, our community, and those who donated money to our cause.

Mulberry Team 7106 MPV Stingerbots

Congratulations to our friends the rookie team MPV Stingerbots from Mulberry, Arkansas on winning the Rookie-All Star award at the Rock City Regional! They are attending the Houston World Championship this year in April. We are so proud of you, you have come such a long ways this past year! Good luck, we look forward to seeing you there!


Oklahoma City Regional


Qualification matches begin today at the Oklahoma City Regional. There are teams from five states in America along with a team from Mexico. Good luck to everyone, let’s get this thing started!

    Mayor of Oklahoma City
  1. A big thank you to all those who made this competition possible.

Quakification Match 69

Our first match of the day, went really well. Good luck to all the teams competing today!

Rocky Balboabots queued for the match, with 7106 MVP StingerBots right behind.

Got the switch in auto!

Robot Adrian doing some pull ups.

Great job guys!

We had some wonderful guests join us today ranging from our kids on the Mulberry team, to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,  all the way to Mr. Jon Eubanks who sat and talked for a while. Great job to all the teams, and good luck tomorrow!

Joan Smith and Jon Eubanks.

Dillon and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hugging it out.

Qualifications Day One Update

We are halfway through today’s matches for our team. We have seen a lot so far, including 3310 Black Hawk Robotics grabbing onto 2183 Tiger Bots, who had already climbed the scale! There are many talented teams here, so just what might the future hold?

A rare occurrence in these matches, a robot climbed the scale, and another climbed up them!