Tournament Time!

Team 5437 finished the qualification matches Rank 18 over all and Rank 5 for OPR.

Our Team was chosen as the first pick by Team 3616 Team Phenomenon, and the second pick was 5002 Dragon Robotics.

Lunch Time!

It’s a lot to feed this many teenagers and keep them entertained, lucky for us the mentors took us to All Aboard in Little Rock, Arkansas! We enjoyed watching the trains bring us our food, and it was definitely a cool stop on today’s trip.

On Our Way to the Capitol and Rock City Regional

Today is load in for the teams attending the 2019 Rock City Regional in Little Rock, Arkansas. Team 5437 is making a stop at the Arkansas Capitol Building on our way to load in. We wish luck to all the teams competing this week all all the competitions! Everyone out on the road, have all safe drive. We look forward to seeing everyone!