We’re Out

After two hard played matches, our alliance has lost in the quarter finals. Great job Teams 3616, 5002, and 5437! Good luck to the rest of the teams competing!

Introducing the Rocky Balboabots Rookie Academy

After two successful years mentoring Rookie Teams (7106 MPV StingerBots and 7568 Tro-Bots), we have decided to introduce the Rocky Balboabots Rookie Arena, a place where rookie FIRST Robotics teams can come for assistance with all their robot and competition needs. We look forward to a future of mentoring more new teams, and happily outstretch our arms, welcoming those who would like some assistance.

Mulberry Team 7106 MPV Stingerbots

Congratulations to our friends the rookie team MPV Stingerbots from Mulberry, Arkansas on winning the Rookie-All Star award at the Rock City Regional! They are attending the Houston World Championship this year in April. We are so proud of you, you have come such a long ways this past year! Good luck, we look forward to seeing you there!


Quakification Match 69

Our first match of the day, went really well. Good luck to all the teams competing today!

Rocky Balboabots queued for the match, with 7106 MVP StingerBots right behind.

Got the switch in auto!

Robot Adrian doing some pull ups.

Great job guys!

We had some wonderful guests join us today ranging from our kids on the Mulberry team, to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,  all the way to Mr. Jon Eubanks who sat and talked for a while. Great job to all the teams, and good luck tomorrow!

Joan Smith and Jon Eubanks.

Dillon and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hugging it out.

Qualification Match 37

Teams 5437 Rocky Balboabots and 16 Bomb Squad gang up on the scale.

Loading down our switch.

Team 16 Bomb Squad lifting a combination of 240 pounds of pure awesomeness.

Such great teamwork between 5437, 16, and 5550!

World Championship Houston 2017- A Big WIN!!!

Last week at FRC’s 2017 World Championship in Houston, we won some awards. Out of the three Engineering Inspiration Awards given out at the Houston Championship, we were one of the lucky teams to receive the award. Our ranking at the end of the Qualification Matches was 19th seed, however we were the 2nd pick of the 1st seed alliance. Our alliance fought hard and made it to the Finals on the Galileo field, where we sadly lost after winning the first match. However the international allies that we made are game changers for us. We made friends with fellow FIRST competitors from all over the world. This has opened a door for our small community and team that can take us anywhere. All of that we have learned from all of the brilliant from around the world is the prize that we have claimed. We consider ourselves blessed beyond words to have friend now on every continent on this planet!

Rocky Balboabots making International Allies

While competing at the FRC Houston World Championship, the team had the opportunity to make some new friends from all over the world. Pictured are teams from China, Switzerland, Turkey, and Israel.


Team 6414 Voyager
Will and Chandler pictured above with Team 6414 Voyager from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Team 1574 MisCar
Chandler and Roberto pictured above with Team 1574 MisCar from Misgav, HaZafon, Israel.

Team 6431 NaktaParantez
Ramsey, Joey, Austin, Drew, Roberto, Carmen, Taylor, Chandler, and Haley pictured above with Team 6431 NaktaParantez from Istanbul, Turkey.

Team 6417 Fidolins
Taylor, Chandler, Roberto, and Austin are pictured above with Team 6417 Fridolins from Glarus, Switzerland.


TIME Magazine

Our team has been asked by Senior Writer Sean Gregory from TIME Magazine to have a story written about us.  He spoke with four members of the team Joie Bogart, Alexis Danekas, Roberto Montoya, Will Tanner and our mentor Coach Robert Dean.

College Robotics Class

In 2016 Team 5437 presented to the school board to implement a College Concurrent Credit Robotics class through the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Upon approval the school has started this class, where students receive on hands learning with ABB robots, soldering circuit boards, and other fundamentals of electronics.

FLL Start Up

Team 5437 sought out to inspire the minds of the younger generation by starting a FLL team. The team presented the idea to the school board with the help of interested mentors, and soon 2 FLL teams were approved. Team 5437 members have dedicated their time to mentor the rookie FLL Teams.

Our Start

Team 5437 started in the off season game of 2014 as a result of a challenge from Rockline Industries at our local Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  The $5,000  initially pledged by Rockline was matched by First Western and the team was formed.  Rockline also provided a build area and an engineering mentor. The team originally began with 7 members.